Ready for Adventure?

We promote sustainable ecotours that showcase Gulf Coast Florida’s stunning natural diversity and fascinating cultural heritage, combining exploration, education, and relaxation while living up to stringent standards of environmental stewardship. Learn about ecotour itineraries that will take you from internationally renowned beaches to backwoods bike trails and historically significant monuments and mansions, with behind-the-scenes visits led by local experts who know the region like the back of their hand. We think the best ecotours connect visitors with the unique landscapes, wildlife and authentic heritage that make Florida’s Gulf Coast so special.

Be a traveler, not a tourist.

We’re the local experts!

As part of the Science and Environment Council of Southwest Florida, ((ecko)) draws on the unrivaled expertise of the Council’s nonprofit and government member organizations, which include many of the region’s premier scientific and educational institutions and attractions. Our partners offer one-of-a-kind, exclusive experiences that highlight our region’s astonishing natural beauty and the work they do to protect and preserve it.  Our partners are the expert scientists and educators of our local environmental non-profit and green business partners.

Have fun. Do good.

Responsible ecotravel

Environmental sustainability isn’t just our passion, it’s our profession.  Every ecotour we promote, walks the walk: hotels committed to making their services as environmentally responsible as possible,  itineraries to keep you out of vehicles to minimize your carbon footprint, and hand-select restaurants that serve sustainable, local cuisine. We believe it’s vital to conserve our natural resources so that future generations will be able to experience the wonders of Gulf Coast Florida just like you.